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Want to know about my Love Life?  


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29/01/2016 2:38 AM  

Can you tell me about these things:

Marriage possibilities, if and when in the future.
Should I relocate to different country for success in life.

Sheba Stephens
September 6, 1962
Eloise, Michigan USA

Peace and Blessings!

Srinivasa Temkar
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30/01/2016 3:36 PM  

Hello Shebha,

Welcome to Astrogemstoneforlife.

As per your birth detail, you have born on Thursday under Anuradha constellation, Scorpio moon zodiac and Sagittarius as Ascendant.

You birth details shows that you lack family happiness and even income wise you lack the growth. And this caused due to association of Retrograded Saturn with Dragons tail. Hence, there is struggle for bread and butter and even family status is not up to standard. Related to your marriage I can the same dragons head is aspecting your marriage house and which is also occupied by Mars. Which is not good sign. Your love planet Venus is in association with Mandi (Satellite of Saturn) which is causing high delay in marriage. Moreover, for this, the reason is your family status and the money matters.

Hence, to get some more bread and butter to yourself you need to move towards western side or north western side or even north eastern side would fetch good results.

As per vimshottari you are running under Moon maha dasha from last May 2015 till May 2025. Moreover, this period is generating good amount of loss in your financial, health and family. After this 26th of March 2016 and till 29th of Oct 2016 you will be having favorable period to try for marriage however, here again the financial trouble would interpret and spoil your concentration towards love life finding.

As per present planetary positions, you are running under 7.5 year of trouble some period laid from Saturn and in which you have covered until now 1.5 years hence rest 6 years of troublesome period is near you. One key note to keep yourself in mind. Please do not do any bad deeds, as the above said 6 years of period would cause you huge havoc in your life. Hence as much as possible do-good deeds to fetch good deeds during this period.

Please wear natural original blue sapphire, which is certified, and set in gold ring wear it on your left hand middle finger. Moreover, an astrologer should energize the gemstone. In addition, should be wear it on auspicious time.

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Srinivasa Temkar


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