Are There Any Restrictions While Wearing Astro-Gemstone?

Are There Any Restrictions While Wearing Astro-Gemstone?

Restrictions While Wearing Astro Gemstone

Yes, one should follow below shown restrictions when wearing astro-gemstone:-

  • Avoid wearing astro-gemstones while visiting washrooms and rest rooms.

During that time, one can shift his / her astro-gemstone ring to their shirt pocket / handbag or place in sacred place above ground level.

  • Avoid wearing astro-gemstones while having food especially Non-Veg.
  • Avoid wearing astro-gemstones during funeral activities and if the person died is your close relative then you need to avoid wearing it back for min of 12 days and till that time astro-gemstone should be kept in your house temple.
  • Frequent Cleansing & programming (as per Astrogemstoneforlife procedure) of astro-gemstones is must.
  • Avoid transferring astro-gemstones from person to person hands.
  • Use only recommended metals to make astro-gemstones rings / pendants.

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