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About Us

Famous Astrologers In India

Astro Gemstone For Life is been started not to do business, but enlighten people and bring them to the light of Vedic science by which they could able to enhance their lives and build a good nation.

In Astro Gemstone For Life, we strive to find out the reasons and solutions for each person’s problems who approach us by the proven ancient methods of Vedic Science, which has a history more than 5000 years with consultation from famous astrologer in India ,r Srinivasa .

Expert Astrological advice

Addition, to this in Astrogemstoneforlife you will get highly Expert Astrological advice.

Since we are here not to do business, hence we provide Free Astrology consultations, which is in the form of Open Forum.

If you like not to share your problems with others, for which we do have private astrology consultations in which only the yourself and our astrologer would be seeing the question and answer.


Astro Gem Stone For Life

In Astro Gem stone For Life we do provide 100% natural and original certified gemstones whose prices are quite reasonable compared to other professional services as our margin of profit would be very less and even some times nil as we are here not to do business .

We do have our in house designed tested effective methods of gemstone bridging and programming techniques, which are unique and specific to person and gemstone.

As many does not know even gemstone will loses its magnetic power of attracting good energy and transmitting to you.

Hence, we provide gemstone life enhancing techniques, if followed the gemstone life span be increased.

And all these process we offer to our clients free, if they purchase the gemstones from us.


Famous Astrologers in India

Mr. Srinivasa Temkar

Our Head Astrologer Mr. Srinivasa Temkar (M.Sc, BE, DCE) has in depth knowledge in astrology since from 16 years.

He is expert in Astrology in fields of Horoscope predictions based on varahamihira, BV Raman, parashara, lalkitab. Along with this, he is proficient in answering questions based on prashna shashtra.

Mr Srinivasa is also expert in Numerology, Vaastu, Fengshui, and Muhurtha (based on muhurtha deepika). Since from 2000, he has solved many people’s problems around the globe. He is not just astrologer; he is also an eminent Engineer working for a Leading Engineering Design Consultancy of United Kingdom.

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