How Much You Know About Cat’s Eye Stone?

How Much You Know About Cat’s Eye Stone?

Cat’s Eye Stone

Chemical Formula                                                   BeAl2O4

Color                                                                          Gray

Hardness                                                                   8.5

Crystal System                                                         Orthorhombic

Refractive Index                                                       1.744 – 1.755

Specific Gravity                                                        3.50 – 3.80

Transparency                                                           Translucent

Double Refraction                                                   0.009

Luster                                                                         Vitreous

Cleavage                                                                   1, 1; 3, 2

Mineral Class                                                           Chrysoberyl

Benefits Of Lehsunia Stone (Cats Eye)

Cat’s Eye known as Lehsunia in Hindi and Vaidurya in Sanskrit.

Cat’s Eye describes a gemstone polished into a cabochon that displays a narrow band of concentrated light going across the width of the stone.

This effect, known as chatoyancy, or cat’s eye effect, is caused by inclusions of fine, slender parallel mineral fibres in the gemstone that reflect light in a single band.

Of all the gemstones that exhibit cat’s eye, Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye is the best known.

Chrysoberyl has the strongest and most distinct cat’s eye effect of all gemstones.

Though several different gemstones types exhibit a cat’s eye effect, only Chrysoberyl’s cat’s eye enjoys the privilege of having the name “Cat’s Eye” without any prefix.

Whenever the term “Cat’s Eye” is used, it refers to Chrysoberyl cat’s eye by default, unless otherwise specified.

Who can wear?

Consultation with astrologer before wearing as per their birth details is necessary.

Vaastu Direction:

North West

Gemstone Enemies:

Ruby, Pearl and all their respective alternative gemstones.

Alternate (Semi-precious) to Cat’s Eye:

Use of alternate gemstone should be, when one cannot afford precious gemstone like Cat’s Eye.

The effects of semi-precious gemstones will last less compared to precious gemstones.

cat’s eye quartz, cat’s eye tourmaline.

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