Meditation (3)

Yes, one should follow below shown rules / restrictions to do meditation:-

  • Have nice shower before meditation.
  • Say "No" to non-vegetarian food possibly 24 hours before meditation.
  • Sit on a non-conductive sacred platform.
  • Facing direction is important and same confirmed by astrologer.
  • Use relevant seating posture as per astrologer advice.
  • Use relevant dress colour code as per astrologer advice.
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Who can do meditation?

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Any healthy person from the age 5 years until lifetime can do meditation. 

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What is Meditation?

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Meditation is the special technique provided by our ancient sages to communicate and enjoy effects of the nature. Meditation does not require your money; instead, it requires your dedication and time.

Meditation is a good stress reliever. When you sit calm for some time, with zero thinking will make your brain rest / relax for few minutes. When your brain is relaxed, you too will look fresh with cut down of any stress, which had piled up.

Meditation behaves as a medium in connecting you with the nature.

When meditation done properly you will incur nature's energy within you and which will remove / reduce all your life problems.