Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a website started to nourish astrology hobby of Mr. Srinivasa Temkar who is an eminent Structural Engineer by profession, together help society finding answers for their tough time in life, give them best, effective remedial therapy to solve there tough time and at end enhance their lives.

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Why only

Yes, only provides online facility for people to ask their questions of life to our astrologer and get the answers for the same. Unlike others we will not hide our answers and recommendations as we like to be more transparent in our work as our in depth knowledge and experience has gave us this level of confidence in us.

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Is Astrogemstoneforlife Unique & Better compared to other Astrological Websites?

Yes, right. likes and follows transparency in its working and surround. Hence, our predictions and recommendation is openly viewable by others than the questioner itself. To do this one requires high level of confidence in their predictions, which our astrologer has by his vast knowledge and expertise. Our Astrology consultancy rates starts at the price of Cup of Coffee, when compared to other astrology website the consultancy fees what we are charging are 5-10 folds less with out compromise of quality.

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What consultancy Services are offered by

We Offer All Astrological consultations like Education, Love life, Marriage, Finance, Career, Progeny, Health and any other issues of your life can be discussed and found the best remedial solutions from our Astrologer.

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What are the methods used to check One's future?

We use Vedic Horoscope prediction, Lost Horoscopy, Prashna Shashtra, Present Planetary Transitions, Vimshottari, Numerology, Vaastu, Fengshui.  

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what are the details required for predicitons?

We would require Date of Birth, Time of Birth & Place of Birth of person, whose analysis needs to be done.

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I don't know my Birth Details, Can't i have Astrology Consultation?

Yes, even if you do not have your Birth details, you can have your predictions from our website. We use special branch of Astrology, which is Prashna Shastra. To predict your future, we would require -

1.      Tell us the Question, for which you are expecting the answer from us.

2.      Tell us any number within 1-249, which flashes to your mind while asking the question.

3.      Tell us time while you are asking the question.

4.      Tell us the place from where you are raising the question.


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Remedial Solutions
What are the Remedial Solutions offered in this website?

We offer the following Remedial Solutions for our clients to overcome their present difficulties and enhance their lives.

1. Gemstone Therapy.

2. Sound Therapy.

3. Worship Therapy.

4. Fire Therapy.

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Is it really effective, if we follow Remedial therapies given here?

Yes, The remedial therapies are rich formulated and tested by our astrologer and found working for many of our clients till now. The Remedial therapies require just your time, dedication and patience rest it will solve your problems of your life and make your life enhanced.

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Why we need to get Gemstones from only, Not from others?

We have found from our vast experience and in depth knowledge of astrology, that just wearing gemstones doesn't help you solving your problems of life. Wearing gemstone should be followed along with few in-house discovered techniques to make the gemstones work for you. The techniques to be followed are "Programming of Gemstone", "Rules and Restrictions after wearing gemstone" "Gemstone Energizing" "Initial Auspicious of Gemstone wearing" which are provided by only

Our Gemstones are original and certified one. The prices of the gemstones are highly competitive with others.

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What is Estore?

Estore, is the place you buy our Astrology Consultancy Services, Gemstones and other astrological Services.

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I have a Coupon / Promo Code how to use it?

Good to hear you have Promo / Coupon code of our website. Copy the code and paste it while filling in your Subscription form and process the subscription. The coupon code is applied and you can enjoy the benefits.

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Why i can't see gemstones and other astrologial Services in Estore?

We highly regret for it. We are developing our Estore, soon you can see and buy gemstones and all other astrological services from us. Thanks for being with us.

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Payment Methods
What are the Payment Methods Available?

We accept Domestic and International payments. We accept all major credit and debit cards (International). All major net banking services (India). Cash cards (India), Mobile Payments (India).

If you want to purchase our services in UK Pounds then select (Sterling Pounds £ only) method and Process Subscription.

If you want to purchase our services in Indian Rupees then select (Indian Rupees Only) method and Process Subscription.

If you want to purchase our services in Indian Rupees (with Credit Cards) then select Offline method and process Subscription. However this options is valid for purchases of amount Rs.1000 and above only.

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How secure will be our Payment, if purchase done from your website?

Our website is Secured by COMODO Internet Securities, so relax your online payments are highly secured and theft protected.

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