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Thank you Srinivasa Temkar,

Your intuitive and thoughtful predictions have helped me review my decisions and overcome obstacles. I truly appreciate your predictions because I found many answers to issues are realistic with a to do list. Thank you for being so helpful.
Posted By: Shobha Priya
Senior Software Engineer, Delhi
I believe Srinivasaji to be a very genuine, detailed orientated and accurate astrologer. I've consulted several astrologers in the past but couldn't see difference in my life until I received Srinivasaji's guidance.

I came in contact with him at very difficult phase in my life - have huge debts, a lot of personal problems and a stalled career. He has guided me through all of these and times are getting better. Although I live in UK, he has guided me through by emails, Skype, Tango, Whats app and mainly his phone calls.

Nowadays, there are numerous astrologers - however not many can match the detailed knowledge that Srinivasaji possesses. There are quite a few steps that you as a person have to do for 'programming' the gemstones which not many astrologers would suggest. Thus your personal involvement means that you start developing a connection with your gemstones so that you can achieve your goals. He has motivated me to carry on chanting whenever I was not sure I should. This personal motivation guidance is very valued and not many astrologers would bother to stay in touch once you would have bought gemstones from them. He makes the gemstones work for you by investing time in you!
I have also come to know him personally and have found him to be very down to earth, genuine and honest - he is tells it as it is - no play around words. I always seek his advice to start something new.

Please be assured he will guide you, not miss-guide you!
Posted By: Siddharth NInan
[email protected], (Software Engineer), London, UK
+44 7725 207099
Hi Srinivasa
Thanks for your advise and I am very pleased with the results and gemstone (at very reasonable price) suggested by you. I appreciate your predictions,about my past,present,is quite true.Gemstone remedies recommended by you is very beneficial. I recommend anyone to visit this site and get accurate predilections and solutions to the problems you have. I appreciate Srinivasa for your help. I will be in touch with you again very soon.

Thanks a lot.
Posted By: Surjit Bhogal
[email protected], (Senior Engineer at ATKINS), Solihull, United Kingdom
+44 7950 574543
Dear Srinivasa Temkar
Am very much glad to find this much useful website and you as an astrologer here helping people finding their right solutions for their problems to tackle and come up in life.
I must appreciate your astrology skills and your predictions are so accurate about my dad’s death, after prolonged suffering from ill health my dad took his last breath on the day specified by you one week before, really, it is amazing and I appreciate your astrology skills wholeheartedly! And please keep up the good work further….God Bless you...
Posted By: Ravi Chaudhari
[email protected], Pune, Maharahstra, INDIA
It was 2 years back, I was frustrated with my financial problem, No ups in professional life as well as in personal life. When I approached Mr Srinivasa Temkar (Astrologer), I was advised with Gemstone Therapy of Venus which was Diamond, I thought I can’t go for diamond just forget it. However, Mr Srinivasa Temkar recommended me “White Zircon” (alternative to Diamond) never making my hopes go low. Soon after wearing I was selected for overseas work (Qatar, ME) from my very own office where I was been treated as waste for two long years. Later I got real diamond as per his advice, even here Srinivasa Temkar helped me getting real diamond for unbelievable price, since then I never turned back in my life, I been to overseas for work once again, got married and got a baby boy as well everything turned up in just 2 years. Am happy to be member of this website…, which made easy to keep in touch with Mr Srinivasa Temkar….
Posted By: Nagarathinam Pachaiappan
[email protected], Civil Engineer, Bangalore, INDIA
+91 9945 4912 27

That is what my expression was on seeing answer for my first question in this website, the astrologer (Mr. Srinivasa Temkar) had predicted my past and my present undergoing situation so accurately I was very much impressed in first instance itself. Am an Indian settled in London, United Kingdom and I had seen many astrologers for my family problems no one can beat Mr. Srinivasa Temkar predictions accuracy. At the same time am really very much impressed by his simple yet effective remedial measures which worked for my husband miraculously, it was few months back my husband lost his good earning job and was unemployed, he had attended many interview but no luck. Then I had raised question in this website, as an answer he was been recommended to follow sound therapy in beginning my husband ignored it and said nothing could happened all are bullshit! However due to financial instability (Living in UK) he agreed to do sound therapy you know what in just two weeks of time he got the result, where he was not been selected interviews, he got selected in three and two job offers… Presently I am following remedies for my progeny here…..hoping for the best……..I would love to stay connected with this website even in future along with this I recommend to my friends and relatives….
Posted By: Chitra
HouseWife, London, UNITED KINGDOM
+44 78XX 8X6XX3
Hi Guruji,
I appreciate your prediction,whatever you have made about me,about my past,present,is quite true.moreover, remedies recommended by you is very beneficial.
I will be in touch with this website,wishing all very happy new year.
Thanks one again.
Posted By: Navin
[email protected], Engineer, Patna, INDIA
+91 X1X2 3XX0 X8
Am really impressed with Greater Accuracy level and highly effective remedial therapies (which are very much cost effective) prescribed in this website, I was recommended Gem therapy and sound therapy by astrologer here, after following these remedies it was really amazing and unimaginable, I could win more business and earn more money, repaid my credits and my pending visa appeal also I could win which was seem to impossible without help of the astrologer (Srinivasa Temkar)… Am recommending this website for all my friends and relative to enhance their lives…..
Posted By: Sukhdeep
[email protected], Self Employed,, Hillingdon, United Kingdom
+44 7535 112 112

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