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How is my situation at present as per planetary ch

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Hi Srinivasa

hope every thing is great.

Long time to had chat with you If you remember.

Can you please suggest me my current situation after 19th June when planet transit ,

i am also bit worries as my hearing date is near 28th of August.


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Dear Sukhdeep,

Welcome back

This Jupiter transition is happening to your 6th house, which rules service life, work, credits debits, even law suits. So what i would suggest you to do one more simple remedies as below:-

Every day whenever time permits just chant OM DRAAM OM GURU DATTAYA NAMAHA!!! NO COUNT LIMITS

And whenever you feel you are going to some important financial work or any other money related things just take few grains of yellow whole wheat in your right palm, chant OM GRAAM GREEM GROUM SHA GURUVE NAMAHA!!! FOR 3 TIMES MIN AND MAX OF 30 TIMES closing your eyes and reciting your works to be happened while closing your eyes. After this take a neat yellow colored cloth put those grains inside that cover it and keep it in your pocket and carry along with you for work.


Srinivasa Temkar


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