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I have financial problem issue & delays all my work which would close to complete

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Hi Raghu Naik,

Welcome to Astrogemstoneforlife.

As per the birth details provided by you. You have born on Friday under Jyesta Nakshatra, Scorpio is your moon zodiac and Capricon your Ascendant.

Your birth details shows that you are negative attitude and negative mindset person. You have friendly mindset however, your egoistic mindset and your temperament and carefree attitude and arrogant nature makes you to be reserved and most of the time detached.

Your birth chart shows that your Rahu and ketu are in Juncture position hence, you are having partial Kala Sarpa dosh and partially not. There is also chances of some of your labor have troubled or killed the snake in your properties owned by your dad. Due to which there is slightly sarpa dosh as well is there.

Your business house is been occupied by Sun, Mercury, moon and aspects of Saturn and mars. More of enemity in the house. Hence, there is trouble in your business and until now; you have not seen even a single healthy profit. If you are, doing business related to Saturn like real estate, construction materials you get more failure than success, due to aspect of Mars who is deadly against enemy to Saturn.

As per vimshottari dasha you are having problems in your business from 23rd of May 2014 and it will going to continue will 23rd of Jan 2017.

As per planetary positions, as well you are under Sade sathi shani since from 4 years. Which is creating too much of problems in your life. And it is going to continue for another 3.5 more years. Hence, remedial measures has to be taken for sade sati shani. And as far as possible do only good deeds and help the people who are in need .By doing this you could able to get good affects after 26th of Jan 2017. I.e. third cycle of Sade sati shani, which is result period. Hence, start doing good deeds at least your result period of 2.5 years would be at least some beneficial.

Spell Therapy
1. Heat iron tawa or kadai keeping it on the stove. Later once its hot remove it from the stove. Take fresh milk and start sprinkling 8 drops over the hot tawa by chanting the below mantra for 8 times.
In addition, this process has to be followed every Saturday evenings after bath. In addition, you need to face west while doing this remedy. Moreover, wear blue or black color dress (top wear) while doing this dress. Moreover, one more important thing this should be done standing or sitting on wooden platform. While doing this you need to close your eyes and just bring good thoughts like your problems being solved.

Gem Therapy
To tell you this, I would like to know what exactly your nature of business is.

Srinivasa Temkar


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