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Heavy loss in business  


Shreevatsa D
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26/06/2017 11:10 PM  

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,

My Name : Shreevatsa Desai, DOB : 12-06-1978, Time : 3.26 PM (afternoon) POB : Athani, Belgaum Karnataka.

I am having my own recruitment consultant business from last few years, but its not going on smoothly, it only loss & loss & loss. Please suggest if this is the right business for me or should i get to some other business or get back to Job. Also I have been trying for job from last few years, I either land up in wrong companies who intentions are not good or either they don't pay the salary after the work is done. Also I had attend lot of interview for senior level position but after 5-8 round of interview and taking all the plans & ideas they dont revert back or give some lame excuse that CTC expected is higher or Age limit. I hope the companies know every thing from day 1 even before the Face2Face interview is scheduled they conduct atleast 2-3 telephonic interview.

Please suggest what is good for me business or Job.


Srinivasa Temkar
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26/06/2017 11:52 PM  

Hi Desai,

Welcome to AstroGemstoneForLife

As per your birth details, the business what you are doing is not suitable for you as it is related to Saturn and in your case you have Shani Sandi dosh hence it's not advice the business you are doing.

In the free session you will get brief answers only and not in detail. For more details and in depth analysis of your exact reason for loses in business you can go with our paid consultation which are less for their accuracy and professionalism.

God Bless
Srinivasa Temkar


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