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i want to know about my Education & Career

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Hello sir my name is mohit.
TIME-09:30 A.M
Sir, i am facing only problems.There is no happiness in my life.please help me.

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Hello Mohit,

Welcome to Astrogemstoneforlife.

As per your birth details you have born on Tuesday under Moola nakshatra, Sagitarious moon zodiac and Libra Ascendant.

Looking at your birth details it shows you are dual thinking mindset person, positive attitude, temperamental, arrogant and stubborn person. Moreover, it shows you do reserved, god fear person.

Your higher education house is associated with Saturn and aspected with Sun, hence there will trouble and breakups in completing your education. Apart from this, there is more distraction about opposite sex, which needs to be controlled.

As per vimshottari at present you are not having good period for your education till next year October 2017.

Apart from this you are running with Sade sati shani which is also creating laziness in you to study. And creating stress in your life.

I guess you are doing your graduation in the field of finance, accounts, software related to Jupiter. Which will help you to gain benefit from it later.

Srinivasa Temkar

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Thankyou sir for your useful information.
Sir can you please suggest me some remedies because i want to acheive great height in my life and without education i don't think its possible.
So please sir guide me.
I am doing B.tech from M.E branch but facing a lot of difficulties in studies. I am taking fast on thursday. Is it correct?
Waiting for your reply sir........HELP ME.


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