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Please give me insight into my love life


Vicky Hayward
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Hi there. I am born 7th Feb 1979 at 8.30am in cambridge, UK.
The father of my second child was born 23rd April 1970 in London uk. No time.

We are having huge issues. Can we ever resolve them? Currently he doesn't see his child born 6th Sept 2016 at 12.15am cambridge. UK.


Srinivasa Temkar
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As you don't have your partner birth time it won't be wise to grab details using you both details.however I have grabbed the information from your 2nd child birth details.

As per your child birth details, the child would lack father's love from the date of birth till it goes to early adulthood. There are 40%chances for both of you get united again is till first week of October 2017. Later this time chances are quite less.

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God Bless!
Srinivasa Temkar


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