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Want to know about my marriage  


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Want to know about my marriage details d.o.b 22.11.1991 place seppa east kameng arunachal pradesh timing 3:45am.

Srinivasa Temkar
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Hello Sujata,

Welcome to AstroGemstoneFOrLife.

As per the birth details provided by you , you have born on Friday under Kritiaka Nakshatra, Taurus as moon zodiac and Libra as Ascendant.

Looking at your birth details you are positive attitude but negative mindset person. you are carefree, lazy and some times very active mindset women. Along with this you are partially temperamental and aggressive mindset woman, like to live alone and don't want to mingle more with social societies.

Looking at your details for marriage, you are neutral towards love or arrange marriage. You are not specific towards your own decision or parents decision against finding the right partner for you. I can see your partnership lord mars is in Sandhi yog, due to which happiness of post married life would be limited. And you have mangal dosh as well, which needs to be cooled down by following relevant remedies for the same. Apart from this there could be problems in future for progeny as you are carrying pitru dosh which is going to be ruled out in future after following certain remedies.

As per vimshottari dasha till April this year you are not having favorable time for marriage.

As per present planetary positons you are having trouble in family, financial and personal issues which is due to shani dristi from seventh. And please be aware from 27th of Jan 2017 you would be having laghu Sade sati shani or kantaka shani, which would trouble your especially in family matters, career, professional and health aspects of your life.

Srinivasa Temkar


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