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Marriage and career issue


Neha Pruthi
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my dob is 7 feb 1988 5:45 pm place Delhi. I want to know when will I get married and when will I get good job? please advise me.

Srinivasa Temkar
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Hi behalf,

Welcome to AstroGemstoneForLife,

As per your birth details you have two major planets in sandhi Yog which is causing trouble in your professional and personal life. Your present planetary position and your dasha is not favaroble for your career and marriage. You have chances of marriage after next year July 2018, However advice to get married after 2019 august so that your marriage life would be better.

In the free session you will get brief answers only and not in detail. For more details and in depth analysis of your exact reason for loses in business you can go with our paid consultation which are less for their accuracy and professionalism.

God bless!
Srinivasa Temkar


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