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This is Deepa here, i want to know when will i get married and how will be my married life, i hv a wish going to other country aswel, will my wish come true??? Please give me a suitable opinion.
D. O. B =5.4.1991
Timing =8.45am
Rashi = vruschika
Nakshatra = jesta

Srinivasa Temkar
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Hello Deepa,

Welcome to AstroGemstoneForLife.

As per your birth details you have born on Friday under Jyesta nakshatra, Scorpio as Moon zodiac and Libra as Ascendant.

As per this birth detail you are negative attitude person and some time negative and positive mindset too. you are some time more firm mindset women and some times highly dual mindset too. And this is caused due to Moon Sandhi dosh. This particular dosh would cause slight problem in your future married life. You are having Mangal Dosh too, which needs to addressed before marriage.

There are more chances of you getting married in your close relatives itself and that too arrange marriage. The boy would medium build with highly reserved and stubborn nature. And he would be highly suspicious in nature.

yes, you have chances of visiting foreign nations on short trips and but no settle over there. And most probably you may go on work permit only.

There is favorable time for marriage between august this year till next year Jan 2017. If that is missed then you have chances in Jan 2018 till June 2018. However, don't plan your marriage between next year May 2017 till July 2017 as it is highly in auspicious to you.

You are having Sade sati shani running and it will be there for next 3.5 years. Hope you are following sade sati shani remedies.

Srinivasa Temkar


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